Triple Link Manufacturing Limited produces a wide range of products from consumer, to custom B2B for industrial clients.
We are hugely flexible, producing one-off products for prototyping and other small batches, to batches of 10,000+ units at a time, we are here to make your product for you.

Triple Link Manufacturing Ltd was started to help a client of the Triple Link design consultancy who could not find an existing manufacturer for their new product.

Since then Triple Link Manufacturing Ltd has continued to produce novel products for use in industries from medical to electronic.

In house support is provided from concept through design and development to production where manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, presswork and additive manufacture (3D printing) are utilised.

Using skills gained in a life time designing and engineering products founder Mark Bagnall has developed a range of high performance specialist brackets for the Audio Visual market.  These are marketed under Indigo Lime and can be purchased directly from the web site or supplied and installed by selected dealers.


If you would like to discuss your product challenge, contact Mark.